24 Jun

Ever since Chris bought me those two Hermes scarves for my birthday, I’ve been eyeing them – a leeetle dangerous since they have about 3520482 various designs and keep coming out with new ones. Thankfully, I haven’t really yearned for any more because I’m very happy with the 2 I’ve got, but there’s just been the one design that keeps catching my eye.

It’s the classic Hermes design. Frankly, it looks like the Hermes giftbox with their buldoc ribbon, haha. I just like it because it’s in the signature ORANGE, but is still fairly subtle since there are no huge logos anywhere. Since it’s such a statement colour, I just toss it over whatever outfit and I reckon it works :)

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Posted by on 24 June 2010 (Thu) in Fashion, Hermes, Uncategorized



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