20 Jun

A very interesting part of the Tantou Island trip was the food. I knew that it would be a remote island, so Chris convinced me to stock up and bring along my own food. In the end, 50% of what I carried was food, much to everyone’s amusement. I’m VERY glad I did though, because otherwise I’d probably have been half-starved ;) It’s not that the food wasn’t good (it actually tasted pretty decent), but I was highly suspicious of how hygienic it was. The kitchen is basically a makeshift kitchen, and when I looked in it scared me into a diet. Typical very local Chinese street-side style, where there’s no refrigeration for all the meat/seafood.. vegetables were just placed on the ground (where the people were spitting on).. and dishes were still dirty. I was really scared about getting food poisoning, considering the toilets were all sub-standard, so I tried to avoid it all as much as possible.

Breakfast actually looked OK – congee (I had a little and it was good) with bits of pickles and fermented tofu (didn’t try these ‘cos they looked too strange). The trip organiser promised a “western style” breakfast, but it turned out to be ONE BOX of cereal, that was shared amongst 33 people and for 3 mornings. WTF. So luckily, I had brought my own bagels, chocolate rolls, big pretzels, etc. Unfortunately, the others weren’t as well prepared..

Lunch and dinner was EXACTLY the same stuff, EVERY SINGLE DAY. I honestly can’t understand how the people there can stomach the same food for each meal, day after day?! I was already so turned off by the food by the 2nd day. The food looked really interesting, and SO impressive how that tiny dodgy dirty kitchen can churn out 20 dishes (!?!?!) per table of 10 people. However, since none of the food was refrigerated, I basically didn’t eat any of the meat or seafood, nor any of the dishes I couldn’t identify. Which meant I ate boatloads of fried noodles, rice, and potatoes. It was like a carb-aholic’s dream holiday ;)

It was great seeing all the different types of dishes, but I just wish they would have some variety, and be a little more hygienic. At least the night-time partying made up for it! We had liquors and beers that kept everyone well lubricated. After all, there’s not much else to do on a remote island when the sun is down than to party the night away ;)

This botchy little kitchen that (impressively) churned out a ton of dishes

Very scary looking clams (?) with 2 squishy ‘feeler’ things coming out

These little snail things, people said it tasted good despite looking freaky

Me and my Argentinian gf

20 dishes for 10 people! It was like this for EVERY meal.

And of course, there was much alcohol consumption ;)

The cute “lao ban” (big boss) was a total alcoholic

The girls were all given hard liquors (whiskey, baijiu, etc)

Some local Chinese playing a local game, I think

Doing The Squat Stance. You had to be there ;)

Some of the bottles of liquor. Mixer time!


The guys with the hilarious “lao ban”

Bustin’ a move ;)

I like both our tees!

Video of us at dinner

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