TANTOU ISLAND: the good and the bad

19 Jun

Tantou Island was a totally different experience to ANYTHING I have ever experienced in my entire life. Both in good and bad ways ;) Would I do it again? It was fun, but probably not.. I don’t think I’m a “rough it out” kinda girl as I thought I was, haha!


  1. People in our group. We all made friends quickly and the group was friendly, open and hilarious! I was so relieved everyone was normal. We had a great time eating and drinking (which was the majority of our activities) and also lounging around on the beach doing… not much at all :)
  2. The campfire. I really loved this, it was fun and the first time I’ve had a campfire on the beach! Unbelievably we never did this in Australia. Our only regret – we didn’t bring marshmallows to roast over the fire :P


  1. The remoteness. This was both good and bad. Good because we specifically wanted somewhere without a lot of people, since we’re drowned with people in Shanghai. But bad because with that comes a lack of proper bathrooms, sanitation, nice rooms, etc etc. To put it in perspective, I didn’t have a shower the entire time. First time in my life I’ve gone more than 24 hours without a shower ;)
  2. Some of the locals. They were a few other groups there that had complete disregard for others. They’d wake up at 4:30AM and YELL AND SCREAM, not caring others were sleeping. In fact, on the last day, they let off fireworks (?!?!?!) outside at 5AM, nearly causing us to go on a killing frenzy. Also uncouth behavior like spitting right at the dinner table, letting their kids pee on the floor right next to where we’re sitting, and also theft (they stole my umbrella).

There is so so so much to say and so many crazy things that happened. But I’m a bit lazy to write it all out.. so I’ll post a lot of photos instead. Oh, I forgot another Bad thing, the weather!! It rained and rained nonstop the entire first day. And what do you do when it rains on a remote island? NOTHING, that’s what. So we just sat around indoors, which defeated the entire purpose of going to the beach, lol. At least by the next day, it was the end of the rain, so we could go to the beach – except that the sun never came out because it was really foggy. It was apparently thunderstorming all over the south of China, so I guess we should be happy that at least we didn’t have rain later!

It was wonderful watching Shanghai’s concrete jungle give way to greenery

That guy there? He carried 4-5 massive bags, cos he brought a huge tent!

On the Chinese wooden boats for the 40min trip to Tantou Island


The really dreary weather was depressing

Sitting in the fog and drizzle, boo!

Approaching the remote island

There were goats and chickens wandering on Tantou Island!

The massive tent all set up. It had separate rooms and everything

Depressing fog. It was like from the horror movie The Mist ;)

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