07 Jun

The very talented, capable AND pretty good_lenchik organised a huge night for all of us at Chinatown burlesque club – “an evening of glitz, glamor and cabaret”. The dress theme was Pink and boy, did a lot of the girls go all out! They had their bright pink dresses tailor-made (one of the luxuries of living in Shanghai) and looked totally fantastic and very on-theme. Me? Errrmmm.. I was lazy and didn’t get a dress made, and instead wore a sparkly black glitter dress. To give me some credit though, I did accessories with bright pink accessories and brought my iconic Louis Vuitton framboise bag, so that totally counts, right?! :D

The dinner set menu was an Antipasto platter to start with, which was nice but nothing special. The mains were a selection, of which I chose the Vegetable pies, because they ran out of chicken pies (grrr). Surprisingly, they were OUTSTANDING. You’d think that veggie stuff would taste crap, but the super-buttery pastry and creamy vegetable filling was just delicious. And though the pies were mini-sized, at least they gave 3, though I have to say they needed to give at LEAST 5 to fill up a normal person.

Chris had the Hot dog main option which was largely useless. Nice sausage, but a cheap plain bun and just a few condiments on top. The Pasta option was totally horrific though – IT CAME ON A SAUCER!!! That’s right, a little twirl of pasta on a saucer. Really glad I hadn’t ordered that or I would’ve screamed blue murder at the enforced dieting :P

Strangely, no dessert came with the set meal, so we had to pay 50RMB extra for a Chocolate brownie. Average, overly sweet, and not even warmed up so it wasn’t very appetizing. Given that all the food was mediocre (apart from the awesome Pies), I was surprised at the high prices. But then, you have to remember, the prices include the Cabaret / burlesque show, which was……. AWESOME!!!!!

I really really enjoyed it, it was way way way better than the Russian show we watched in Harbin, though this one didn’t have strippers :P They kept all their clothes on, but the girls had incredible bodies and the guys had fantastic singing voices. I really liked the show and how good they all were. Even the pole dancer at the end was really good – and now I can appreciate how incredibly difficult it is to pole-dance (though it looks really easy when you’re just watching it). I was speaking to other friends later who didn’t find the show very good though, so I suppose it’s all personal opinion and possibly how easily impressed you are, haha.

Was a great night and I was so delighted with the show. Plus, fun to see everyone in a big group and all the girls looking so pretty :)

My quasi-cheat pink outfit – black glitter dress (some Australian brand), Alannah Hill
capelet, Louis Vuitton framboise bag, Vanilla Suite pink shoes (from Hong Kong).

Our table of pinkalicious girls

The boys!

Camping it up on stage


Pink accessories attack

Antipasto platter. Not bad, and very nice when they replaced it when we finished!

Meat pies with mashed potatoes, with my super-pink cocktail.
WOW the pies were so buttery and good!! Loved ’em.

Chocolate brownie with ice cream. A decent portion, but shame they didn’t warm it up

The upper viewing boxes

This guy had an AMAZING voice and great stage presence

Video of the guy singing, awesome voice right?!

The guy singing a duet with a pretty Uzbekistan girl

Kicking back before the performance

The Chinatown Dolls!

Check out their bodies… incredible figures!

Video of one of their performances at the start

A very random “swimming girls” performance

Lucky draw time! My girl friend won a pair of silky chain handcuffs, hehe.

Pink galore

A really really hot pole dancer. 426908 times better than I am, and will ever be!

THE FULL MONTY performance, lol!

Video of the guys at the start.. heh

Video of the guys starting to get nekkid ;)

“You sexy thing….”

It was a great night :)

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