05 Jun

Most of my female friends are really super into exercise. Quite funny, since I’ve never been friends with any healthy-living girls before; from previous experience we simply haven’t managed to get along ‘cos we can’t go out together to eat :P But yep, most of the people I know here are really really really into diet and exercise. To the point that when we were last out, we had a table of 20 girls and ALL 20 of them ordered a salad (!!!!!!). And I was the only one that had a big pulled-pork sandwich and fries (YUMMMMM). It’s like I’m the fat friend that girls like to have around. Ugh. Oh well, at least the pulled pork was realllllyyyyy good :)~

Errr… anyway, I digress. So a bunch of the girls have been on this Fitness Challenge thing, which is basically bootcamp. I actually wanted to sign up, until I heard that it’s at the UNGODLY time of 6AM (!!!!!). That’s just unacceptable for me since I need my beauty sleep :P So whilst everyone did manic sit ups and sprints in the morning, I languished in bed instead, hehehehe.

And so the final Fitness Challenge came, where the 2 teams would compete against each other. It was held at the pretty Century Park on the Pudong side, and it was such a breath of fresh air getting away from the crazy city streets. And to see grass! And lots of it! Such a rare sight in Shanghai. Plus, the weather was fantastic – warm and shady with spots of sun peeking through the clouds.

So whilst the 2 teams did their challenge, Chris and I and a couple of others sat on our asses and ate chips instead, which is a LOT more fun than running around in a park :P It was great to get out in the afternoon and enjoy Shanghai’s fab Spring weather, and chill out under the trees. Plus, seeing all the fit girls prancing around sorta kinda made me feel guilty and want to sign up for the next set of Fitness Challenge…. almost :P

(Photos are either mine, or from other friends’ professional cameras and off the website)

Chilling out in Century Park

Say cheese!

The girls looking amazingly chipper whilst warming up

The 2 teams gearing up

Push ups time!

This is MY version of a push up!

Coaches showing us how it’s done

It got competitive.. ;)

We lazed around instead


About to tuck into my food :D

Group photo of all the fit chicks

It was hot hot hot!


Chilling out on the grass after all the exercise


OK a nice one

Supremely scary close-up

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