03 Jun

172 Huaihai Zhong Lu
Shanghai, China


My review for Fomo was published in the recent City Weekend magazine, so I am just copying and pasting it here :) It was a pleasure to review them as I’d been there ages before and was really impressed. This was my 2nd visit and they didn’t disappoint. Lovely, fresh seafood!

People come here for just one thing: xiaolongxia (小龙虾). Translated literally as “small dragon prawns”, these little crustaceans are what Fomo is famous for. There are a myriad of flavors to choose from. We settled on a peppery, mildly spicy mix (¥60) and the plain steamed mini-lobsters with a vinegar dipping sauce (¥56). They arrived piping hot and bright red. A twist of the head and a quick flick of the hard shell is all it takes to get at the meat inside. They’re delicious and very similar to prawns. The freshness of the meat is especially evident in the plain steamed variety, and they’re are best when gobbled down with a bottle of icy cold beer on the side. The lobsters are just now coming into season and make a great summer specialty.

(Note: did this ages ago, hence photos using my old Lumix LX3 camera)

A pictorial menu – very handy


A pot of divine “xiao long xia”

And another tray of these babies

These strange doughy noodle stick things, that Chris loves but I don’t.

This soupy rice dish that was deeeelicious!

Well, hello there

Yummy little deep-fried buns, with condensed milk that you dunk ’em into

Dessert of glutinous balls with warm yam inside. Man these are amazing…

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