11 May

I have this little obsession with finding and wearing jewellery that you don’t remove. I really like the idea of either a simple or a statement piece of jewellery that you don’t take off… makes it much easier when I’m feeling lazy and can’t be bothered to think of accessorizing, and saves me 1/10th of a minute getting dressed in the morning ;)

So apart from the Dogeared dragonfly necklace I picked up and am wearing 24/7, I also got this Tiffany & Co silver bangle. It’s actually a normal-sized cuff so that it can fit various wrists, but since it’s open-ended, I can squeeze it together really tight so that it can actually fit my wrist. Score! I like how it’s so solid and neavy, so even though I wear it 24/7 and bang it around like crazy, it doesn’t bend easily. It’s also quite a thick, statement piece, so I don’t wear anything else on my wrist to take away from it.

Best of all, it’s exorbitantly priced :P At least not compared to their diamond jewellery! A reasonably-priced, sold cuff is perfect for my daily wear :)

Tiffany & Co silver bangle

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