HUANGSHAN: going up the mountain

07 May

The next few posts contain photos split over several days.. but I tried to consolidate it as much as possible, hence why it looks like we did a LOT in a super short period of time ;)

The main part of our trip was Huangshan Mountain. The same mountains that inspired the “floating mountains” in the movie Avatar. It’s really easy to see why when you see them in real life – huge and lofty, with clear air and beautiful weather. We had crystal clear blue skies whilst we were up on the mountain, but apparently it’s also gorgeous when it’s misty and raining, because the clouds descend and the mountain peaks are above the clouds, giving them a dream-like quality.

You can choose to walk 4.5 hours (!) to the top of the mountain, or take a cable car. Guess which one we chose? ;)

Snozzing during the 1.5 hour journey to Huangshan Mountain

A solitary house along the way

Going up and up past other mountains

The road hugged the side of the mountain – scary!

Went on a looooooong cable car ride up Huangshan Mountain

Dad and Mum looking very chill

All matchy-match in red. It was unintentional, I swear!

A glimpse of the peak

On BEAUTIFUL Huangshan Mountain!

Pretty views and clear blue skies = bliss


The obligatory tourist photo

The 4 of us

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