HUANGSHAN: down Tunxi Ancient Street

06 May

In the late afternoon, we took a walk around Tunxi Ancient Street, a pedestrian commercial street that was originally built in the Song Dynasty. Some say it’s like the “Oriental Ancient Rome”. Most of the buildings are 2-3 stories high, stone-based and brick-laid. They’re also decorated with small green tiles, wood carvings in the Hui style, ancient shop signs, and red-lacquered with double eaves on the roofs. Quite an interesting sight! Nowadays, the street is also used as a natural studio for films and TV series.. though we didn’t see any filming going on whilst we were there, d’oh.

It was a lot of fun walking down the cobblestone alleys and checking out all the little knick knacks on sale. We bought mostly foodstuffs since the shops were all so cute and I don’t see the same stuff back in Shanghai.

Walking into “old street”

1KM street full of cute knick knacks and street food. Loved it :)

This dude was pulling fresh candy, man it looked like hard work!

A guy cooking fermented stinky tofu…….. egads…

The narrow streets

A shop selling nothing but chillies, chillies, chillies!

Bought a bunch for Chris’ dad cos he loves spicy food

A man making fresh dragon beard candy.

Got sucked in and bought some, but it wasn’t very good at all :(

Savoury biscuit/cake things with bacon and pickled vegetables.
It was so-so for me, but Chris liked it.

Dad found some sesame sweets, and black sesame ones too. He was happy :P

Us talking animatedly, for some reason, LOL

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