HUANGSHAN: checking out Tunxi city

05 May

We woke up early for our holiday to Huangshan Mountain. The first day was spent wandering around the city of Tunxi, which is around 1.5 hours from the mountain. It’s basically where civilisation is, so we could wander around museums, city streets and shops. According to tourist guides, they warn you to “stay away from the whole Huangshan area during the May day holilday”. I can see why, it was CHOCKERS with people! Specifically Chinese tourists travelling from other provinces in China. It meant that the city streets were pretty horrific… loads of people, spitting and shoving. Thankfully, it was only the street area, the other areas in the city were much better *whew*…

Snoozing with my beloved Peter Alexander silky sleep mask

The chaos of Tunxi city, where we gobbled down KFC for lunch (it was insanity in there)

Strawberry, Yoghurt, Kiwi, Blueberry flavoured chips??!!

Our awesome hotel room. It was spankin’ new and so lovely inside!

Pretty lamp

Bathroom with lots of amenities

I’d organised a private tour with van and English-speaking tour guide for us for the duration of the holiday. In retrospect, it was completely worth the price. We probably wouldn’t have survived without our awesome guide, or at the very least would’ve been stressed/confused out of our minds. I’ve realised now that it’s totally worth the extra $$ to get a private tour, because it also gives you the flexibility of choosing what/when you want to do. Cannot stand those big tour groups because 1) I find them noisy and tacky, and 2) they drag you around ’til you’re half dead.

We went to the cultural museum n the City, which was pretty interesting. Lots of unique pieces of their history and lovely things to look at. Best of all was the gorgeous weather that we were blessed with during the whole holiday. It was sunny and warm and all-round perfect! I’d actually brought jeans and long-sleeved tops and jackets, so was quite unprepared for the warm weather ;)

Walking around the city of Tunxi. The weather was fantastic :)

Ladies washing clothes… in the river?!

At the Tunxi cultural museum

Wandering around the museum grounds

Pagoda-style building

A really intricate 3D wood carving

Divine jade pieces


A model of one of the villages in the area

Chinese artists paint INSIDE these glass ornaments. They’re gorgeous!

Tempted to buy one :P

Chris was eyeing this one – I LOVED it

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