01 May

These photos were actually taken on the day that we ate at Mythos. The weather was so brilliant and the sun came out in full-force, so we went a little snap happy :P But we all look so carefree and cheerful.. and the colours really pop under the beautiful sunshine, so I thought the pics turned out fantastic!

Chris and I walking into The Cooldocks

Cute water feature!

Dad and Mum :)

Me and the husband, laughing away

I like this pic cos it’s a good shot of my Balenciaga bag :P
Goes well with my calfskin leather boots IMHO!

One of my all-time fave pics of Chris and I. A very typical photo of us,
just wandering around and laughing at our own little private joke :)

We also took advantage of the lovely weather to stroll down the famous Bund area. It’s been totally rehauled and revamped because of the Expo. And man, they did a good job. It’s really wide and clean, so even though there were TONS of people there (helloooo China), no one pushed or shoved me, and the flow of people-traffic just worked. The government just did a great job with it, and in such a short time too, considering the huge amount of land that they pulled up and re-did. Really impressive!

At The Bund, along with 3529 billion other people

Overlooking the river, looking towards Pudong

The pretty Pearl tower

Heh heh

Chris grabs his ball

Painter working his magic on the sidewalk


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