29 Apr

I’m a big fan of Dogeared Jewels and Gifts. Made in California, the quality and attention to detail is fantastic, yet the jewellery is really understated and delicate. A lot of their designs are meant to be worn and never taken off, since it’s all so light-weight and subtle.

I first started wearing Dogeared jewellery when I got the make-a-wish PEACE bracelet. It’s a teeny tiny silver peace sign dangling from a single strand of irish linen. The idea is that you wear it and never take it off until it naturally falls off, and your wish comes through. I don’t believe in wishes and luck and all that, so I didn’t even bother to make a wish, I just wore the bracelet because it’s freakin’ adorable :P

Anyway, that bracelet eventually fell off so I got another piece from Dogeared. This time, the Gold-dipped necklace with dragonfly and turquoise bead. Incredibly thin and delicate, I love how light it is and how sweet it looks. Plus, turquoise is one of my favourite colours :)

Dogeared gold-dipped necklace with dragonfly and turquoise bead

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