25 Apr

Ginger Indochine
No. 34, Lane 248
Taikang Lu (泰康路248弄34号)
Shanghai, China

PRICE: 元元元

I heard word that Ginger Indochine do a mean laksa, so we trotted over there for a quick dinner one evening. Located in the expat-friendly Taikang Lu, we particularly like the bustling atmosphere of the area’s winding alleyways. It’s a great place to hang out with friends for dinner or have some drinks. Ginger is particularly teeny tiny. Located in a corner of a building, it is literally a little square space with an astoundingly tiny kitchen and only a few tables and chairs.

The menu is concise, but sufficient, since we immediately zoom in on our dishes of choice. I enjoy the Laksa, quite surprised at how they managed to produce this out of their wee little kitchen.

Their Pad Thai is also very satisfying. Silky noodles accentuated with that lovely sour flavour and a scattering of prawns on top. It’s simple, but often Pad Thai’s aren’t done well or to our liking, so I appreciate this one.

The Vietnamese coffee looks exciting when it arrives. A little pot containing the (very) black coffee, sitting on top of an empty cup. It drips in slowly and you mix in the sweet condensed milk before sipping. It’s extremely strong and leaves us reeling! I think potent coffees aren’t our cup of tea (or should I say, coffee?). Still, it’s impressive and probably a great drink if you want to stay awake for the rest of the night ;)

The portions could be bigger but it’s relatively reasonable considering we’re in Taikang Lu. Ginger Indochine is a lovely little nook and has very tasty food.. however, there are so many options in Taikang Lu I’m not sure if we’d go back.

Ginger Indochine


Pad Thai

Vietnamese coffee

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