21 Apr

Chris and I love making homemade pizzas. You get to pop on the ingredients you love, and in copious amounts. Those pizzas in restaurants with their pathetic little sprinkle of ingredients and cheese drives me BONKERS!! Why so freakin’ stingy?!?! Pizza is so cheap to make (and sold at a huge mark-up here in Shanghai) so I really don’t get it. Pet peeve of mine.

So when we make our own, we make sure the pizza is sagging with ingredients :P And specifically, we like it on puff pastry. It makes the pizza taste TWICE as good – all rich and buttery. Way better than regular pizza crust. All you do is get puff pastry and bake it flat for about 10 mins, then smear some tomato pesto on it and pile your ingredients on top, then bake again for another 10-15 minutes. Easy peasy!

Especially more fun when you crack open a bottle of wine with your husband whilst both of you cook together… more productive and fun than going out on a dinner date :)

For this one, we used a lot of chorizo sausage, which I adore because it’s spicy and so tasty. Coupled with lots of grilled mushrooms, yellow and red capsicums, plus shredded basil, it makes one fabulous meal.

Making up the pizza. I had clean hands, I swear!

Piling on the cheese. Heh heh heh…

Buttery cheesy goodness, washed down with a white wine
(a present from a friend for Chris’ birthday)

Haagen-Daz macadamia nut ice cream with smashed Graham crackers for dessert! Freakin’ GOOD.

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