20 Apr

I wasn’t born to exercise. That’s just the straight-up truth. The whole concept of fitness just doesn’t quite appeal to me.. partly because I’m lazy (oops!), and partly because I feel it’s all so useless. You feel like a hamster on a wheel and the moment you stop exercising, your body returns back to it’s “natural” un-exercised state within 2 weeks. What happened to aaaaaall the months and years of dedicated exercise? Nothing, that’s what! ‘Cos it all goes down the drain the minute you stop :( So I know that to be fit, I need to do it regularly and basically never stop. And that really is just too much of an effort for me.

Plus, I’m a firm believer of being your natural, true, self. In its un-exercised, un-dieted state. It’s cos I can spot girls a mile away that have exercised themselves thin – they have this strange, ‘off’ look about them, and are always going on about this diet and that diet (very boring). I like seeing people that are true to themselves and are their natural size – because that’s when they look their happiest and their best IMHO :)

But now, I’ve discovered a super fun way to exercise! It’s a bit of a no-brainer to most, but it’s new to me. Exercise with friends. Honestly, it’s the secret to being able to get off your fat ass. I never could just exercise by myself in the gym – no motivation and just can’t be bothered. But exercising with friends is so much different!

We’re doing boxing classes now. 5 of us in a class, so it’s maximum attention. Girls only! We have it twice a week and it’s MAD FUN!!! We’re learning the proper technique of boxing, as well as doing boxing moves. It’s a lot harder than it looks. We have to build up all our coordination, learn to be quick on our toes, and build muscle mass to punch with. You can read my girl friend’s account here for another perspective.

It’s a fabulous workout and a great way to get rid of rage inside you ;) One class burns around 500-600 calories, which is a LOT. I cleverly calculated it to equate to one Big Mac burger. YUMMY.

The only downside? I’m not losing any weight whatsoever, because the boxing classes are making me ravenous. I’m now eating almost double of what I normally do during the day, and seem to be constantly hungry and craving for something – kinda like I’m pregnant. Except I’m not. D’oh!

But, I’m hoping I’m at least building up muscle mass.. so I won’t be all jiggly and fatty when I run or bounce. And that is worth it!

What’s your favourite form of exercise? By yourself, or in a group?
For me, most definitely classes with friends :)

A video of me boxing like a little girl :P

Practising our boxing moves

Our trainer. He’s one crazy good boxer!

Grinning through the pain like a bit of a weirdo :P

Not relaxing, but doing leg lifts. OUCH!!

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