18 Apr

The Cool Docks, The Bund
Bldg 6, 479 Zhongshan Nan Lu
Shanghai, China

PRICE: 元元元元

The interior of Mythos is such a delight – all in white and Grecian blues, and split into a multi-level restaurant complete with fireplace and a roof-top dining area. It’s modelled to be classically Aegean and you could say it’s kitschy, but I find it quite adorable. The staff are polite and attentive and the tables are spaced well-apart so you’re not interrupted by other loud diners. I like how our seats are large white lounges, so you can curl up whilst you eat. You can see a wonderful all-round view of the Mythos here.

The food was good but not outstanding. We weren’t reeling with gastronomic delight or anything, but the food was decent and it’s a fantastic place to chill out with friends. We had a double date there with friends and it’s the perfect place to lounge back on the sofas and have a natter. The only catch? It’s really pricey. I’d say 50% of the cost of the meal is probably because of the lovely decor and location. Because the prices are quite astonishing when compared to the portion sizes.

My favourites were actually the mains. Specifically the Moussaka – a luscious pat of potatoes, eggplant and beef. Great comfort food, especially when it’s all cold outside. The Lamb shanks were also impressive – 2 shanks thick with meaty goodness. I’ve had more tender lamb shanks in Australia but Mythos do one of the better lamb shanks here in China (haven’t had a decent one anywhere else in China).

Dessert was a little odd. An extremely sour Homemade greek yoghurt with honey. I understand that it’s homemade, but wish they had put just a little bit of sugar in it, because it was so sour it was inedible without copious amounts of honey. I had to ask for an extra little pot of it to drench the yoghurt in. Everyone tried it too and scrunched up their faces after the first bite, it was that sour! I liked how incredibly thick and creamy it was though, the texture was awesome and I liked the sweet strawberries on the side.

The restaurant isn’t very crowded, even on weekends. I suspect it’s due to the small portions and really high prices, which scare people away. A little adjustment on them and I’m sure they’d be more popular, because they actually are pretty decent.


The classical Aegean interior

An Australian red wine

Strange pathetic garlic bread. Fantastic eggplant and pesto dips though!

A very vibrant Greek salad

Another salad

Crispy whitebait – makes for great finger food snacks

Fried feta cheese

Roast potatoes

Deep fried vegetables

Mushrooms baked with cheese


Grilled sea bream

Lamb shanks

Homemade greek yoghurt with honey

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