15 Apr

One really annoying thing about living here? Often, you get quite dodgily-made stuff. It looks OK, but then you realise it falls apart at the drop of a hat. Arghhh.

Case in point? Our fridge.

It was provided by our landlord, and they’d obviously just gone for a cheap one so they could say a fridge was included. I’m not particularly pissed with them because we LOVE our landlords (very very very nice, accommodating people), but I suppose when there’s a shortcut, you can’t blame people for wanting to take it.

The fridge is average, because the air doesn’t distribute properly so various parts of the fridge have varying temperatures. But it’s not too bad, because we don’t cook and don’t have raw food in there anyway.

The problem is the freezer section. IT IS A FRIGGIN’ ICE CAVE!!!! Even if we keep it shut and never open it, I suppose air/moisture seeps in somehow, and solidifies on everything inside. So if we leave it for around 3-4 weeks, the ENTIRE freezer is full with snow/ice. It’s really overwhelming opening the freezer and the whole thing is solid white. And it also freezes shut all the drawers, so we pulled them out. Instead now, it just freezes the entire inside with solid ice/snow, growing at an alarming rate.

It takes almost 2 hours to hack away the ice (which poor Chris has to slave over), and is super messy because ice and water goes everywhere on the kitchen floor. And then a mere 24 hours later, all the ice starts growing back and a few weeks later, it’s completely iced shut again.


After removing some of the snow/ice in the freezer…….
looks like we’re going to have a snow fight indoors.

All tuckered out. Or rather, Misty is :P

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