30 Mar

A group of friends and I signed up for pole dancing classes! In particular, I wanted to do it because it means I’d be ‘forced’ to exercise. My fitness levels are…. nonexistent. I’m generally just too lazy and love to eat, so exercise somewhat opposes that ;) So I figure, if I enroll myself into classes, and do it with friends, then I’d just HAVE to exercise, right?

And obviously, pole dancing is FUN. A lot more exciting than jogging endlessly, how boring. I also like how you move to music, and it seems to me it’s very similar to gymnastics/ballet.. what with the core strength and flexibility involved. So I figure, since I danced ballet for 10 years, I’d be more pre-disposed to do pole dancing than, say, rugby ;)

The class was a LOT of fun, and so entertaining! It was all our 1st class ever, so it was all very beginner. We learned a lot though, and you realise how much coordination and strengh is needed for pole dancing. In fact, the next day, my muscles were so sore I couldn’t stand up or sit down properly.. let alone walk without limping! My thighs were SO painful I just couldn’t move them, and so were all these weird areas of my upper arms and armpits. Ouchhhhh. The pain was staggering. And all because of my zero exercise, hence none of my muscles are used to working out. Argh. Well…. hopefully now that I’m doing this, I’ll get fitter and be in less pain after each class!

The sexy ladies

I love the expression on my face. LMAO!!!!

Looking more exhausted than sexy. Pole dancing is hard work!

Practicising our walk-around-the-pole move. Even that was not easy…


Hey, I love Corona, actually!

You Are Corona

You are outgoing, energetic, and very extroverted. When people talk about the “life of the party,” they’re talking about you.
You always have a good time when you drink. Kicking back with a couple beers makes your usual cheerful self even happier.

You enjoy the company of others, and you thrive in any social situation. No group is too big or too small for you.
You may like beer more than most people, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t successful or productive. You are a huge go-getter.

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