30 Mar

On Saturday morning, we made grilled French camembert, truffle and mushroom sandwiches for Chris’ birthday – yes, we seem to keep celebrating it! Promise this is the last one ;) It was a completely random whim of mine… because we had that jar of Tetsuya’s truffles and I figured (not that it’s hard to) that truffles would go with Camembert very well. But I wanted the camembert and truffles melted and gooey together.. which meant I somehow needed to cook it. So decided it would be nice in a sandwich.. but then heavily buttered so that it would be all rich and tasty.

It’s very simple to make. Just butter some bread, and lay out Camembert, truffles and grilled mushrooms on the un-buttered side. Place the sandwich buttered-side down on a pan, and then place the other buttered bread on top (buttered side up). The point is to have the buttered sides on the outside… because panfrying the bread that way makes it ULTRA GOOD!!!!! The butter melts and goes crispy against the bread and makes it taste amazing. Coupled with all the melted gooeyness on the inside and you’ve got yourself one flat-out fantastic breakfast or snack.

Freshly sliced bread. This one is slightly chewy on the inside, which is best for this IMHO

With French camembert cheese on top, and black truffles

Butter the underside of the bread and place that side on the pan. Add grilled mushrooms on top.
Place the other piece of bread on top and flip over.

French camembert, truffle and mushrooms sandwiches. Gooey, rich and decadent :)~

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