27 Mar

We had a mind-blowing, belt-popping, flat-out awesome HUMONGOUS FEAST whilst in Sanya!

You see, we were just wandering around the Banyan Tree resort to enjoy the sunset.. when we saw, next to the beach, they had set up a dining area. Turns out that it was their special Saturday Night BBQ. The price is *ouch* but it IS all-you-can-eat… right by the beach watching the sunset and with the balmy breeze. We were sold ;)

And whilst it’s expensive, you truly do get value for money. They are very generous with the food, and the quality was superb. Everything was thoughtfully presented in beautiful bowls or glasses, and it was all quality food. The appetizers themselves took up 2 tables and actually could have filled you up for dinner. Normally appetizers are just fillers and nothing too amazing, but these were excellent. It was very similiar to fine dining food that you’d get for the same price or more at restaurants without a view.

The grilled food was the star, of course. Super fresh seafood and meats, which you pick and the grill straight away before serving it to your table. And despite laughing at me for choosing so much food to eat, they were incredibly generous and didn’t try to stop you from eating a lot or going nuts over a particular type of food. Normally I’m a bit suspicious of buffets because something off somewhere, there’s usually some sort of catch. But here, it was genuine flat-out great quality food and fantastic service!

The desserts made me froth at the mouth. It was a HUGE selection, so we had to pace ourselves to ensure we could stuff in one of everything. Lovely desserts and so beautifully presented, they made me happy just looking at them :P

I ate everything in the photos below, except for the chocolate Movenpick ice cream. Chris ate the same as well. Do the math and you can figure out how CRAZY FULL we were afterwards! *burps* All we could do after the dinner was walk around the pool to try and digest our food, then collapse into bed and lie there with glazed eyes but very very satisfied bellies :D I blame the meal for making me put on almost 1.5KG, but I don’t regret it. Worth every calorie and it made for a lovely (and romantic) date sitting by the ocean in the open air :)

Outdoor area for our BBQ buffet….. oh nomnomnom…

The various ‘stations’ of food

Was a big fan of the buttery garlic bread. Not so much a fan of that cucumber juice (ew)..

Duck with mango. This was unbelievably good!!

Potato salad with bacon and onions. I loved this, though I know it’s a ‘filler’

Shrimp and pineapple. Nice and fresh, cute presentation too

Chilled noodles with peppers. Didn’t think I’d like it, but the flavour was great.

Fried fish with some sort of salad. Uneventful cos I had no idea what it was :P

Appetisers plate of chicken, pork ribs (these were amazing), fish and fried rice

Watching the sunset as the girl plays a Chinese harp. The music was beautiful!

The grilled food station. Pick your raw food and they grill it straight away.

Grilled prawns, sausages, lamb chops, fish.. all with copious amounts of garlic. Mm…

Clams. So so so tasty, but they were tiiiny

Grilled steaks. Man these were really tender, and loved the sauces!

Scallops (so small though) and more prawns. Had 6 prawns cos they were yum.


The dessert table….. *heart skips a beat*

A luscious, creamy, decadent chocolate cake…. I was in ecstasy.

Movenpick icecreams!!! And other assorted desserts that were yummy :)

More desserts, because I was determined to eat myself into a stupor (it worked)

Long Island Ice Tea (for Chris) and my frozen Mango cocktail.. it was divine.

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