26 Mar

We did actually check out the Banyan Tree’s main pool whilst we were there. It was completely devoid of guests, just staff looking after various stations around the place. So basically, it became our massive private pool as well :P There wasn’t a soul in sight!! Just fantastic, because we liked the privacy.

The main pool is built for optimal privacy as well. It’s a large and VERY long pool, snaking all around the middle area of the resort. There are many smooth curves in the pool, and all shrouded by a lot of foliage and pretty flowers, so it probably can accommodate many many people in there whilst still feeling really private.

They’ve also got 8 jacuzzis in a grotto, each in it’s own little section, so you don’t get into the strange situation of canoodling in a jacuzzi and having a stranger sitting opposite you staring ;)

There’s something to be said about Sanya’s perfect weather. I certainly wouldn’t mind living there, or the Maldives. I’m a true summer/tropical girl at heart.. I much prefer lounging around in swimmers than huddling and shivering in 5 layers of thick clothes. Plus, it means there’s way less laundry to do every week ;)

What’s your favourite season, and why?

Mine’s summer, hands down!

Me getting into the main pool, which is a HUGE winding pool snaking around.

The little grotto in the main pool, with 8 jacuzzis (4 pictured here)

No one was ever swimming in the main pool, so we had the jacuzzis all to ourselves :P

Floating around, trying to get a tan

Zonked out in one of the canopy beds. Hey, eating and lazing about is hard work!

Went back to our villa for some snacks on our day bed by the pool

Grilled chicken satay with condiments and curry satay sauce

Potato wedges (weird cos they weren’t deep-fried like we like) with
sour cream and chilli sauces.

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