23 Mar

Our Sanya holiday was all about sun, sea and surf.

Okay, I lie.

I should say, the Banyan Tree was all about sun, sea and surf. Because… we never did leave the resort. It’s pretty crazy to fly all the way to Sanya, only to never leave the resort AT ALL, but it was worth it. The Banyan Tree was pure paradise. Also, due to me having a total “blonde moment” and being an idiot, we ended up paying around USD$500 per night (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) there. Granted, it was still many times cheaper than our Maldives honeymoon rates, but still! I can’t imagine paying more than $200/night.. so was a little shell-shocked and irritated by this price. Plus, it was over double the price of the Ritz Carlton hotel just down the road (which I’d always imagined was super overpriced). Argh. But then we just sucked it up, because 1) we really wanted a paradise escape out of Shanghai and 2) it was Chris’ birthday present :)

So, yes. Since we paid a ludicrous amount of money for the resort, we sure as hell wanted to plonk our butts in our villa and private pool and never leave ;) Which we did. So at least we maximised the most use out of the resort! On the downside, we also have no idea what the ‘real’ Sanya is actually like… oops..

Pretty flower

The resort was strewn with these beautiful flowers. I think they’re frangipanis? I love how delicate yet sturdy they are. The smooth creamy white petals with a splash of buttercup yellow.. they’re so cheery and pretty. I was surprised with the sheer abundance of trees, plants and flowers in the resort. They spilled everywhere and were so lush, especially around the main pool. It gives a real ‘tropical paradise’ atmosphere and was a wonderful change of scenery from Shanghai’s concrete jungle.

There was only 1 bad thing about the trip. Sunburn. It wasn’t intentional either! We’d brought sunblock and applied it whilst we were swimming in our pool. But one afternoon we were lounging on the deckchairs from 12-3PM and it was in the shade, but I didn’t realise my left shoulder had sunlight on it. But in the evening, it was really red and tender, because I hadn’t an ounce of sunblock on my shoulder (since we were sitting in the shade). ARGH. Hurts like hell now :( At least, apart from that, I have an awesome healthy-looking tan :)


Proper photos and posts coming in a bit….

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