01 Mar

Food in Japan is utterly incredible, if you haven’t already noticed!

It goes back to the simple fact that Japanese do everything better. Their food, regardless of cuisine, is always delightful.. and their desserts are jaw-dropping. The come up with some amazing stuff, and even simple chocolates and candies are lovingly individually wrapped and decorated. I suspect 80% of the delight in food for a Japanese is in the presentation/wrapping :P

Here’s just a small snapshot of the goodies we ploughed our way through. So much food, so little time! I don’t think we ate a single bad-tasting thing whilst there. It’s surprising and strange how everywhere we went, the food always tasted good. If you’ve been to Japan, I bet you know exactly what I mean :) It’s no wonder it’s a foodie’s paradise!

Giant crispy sweet buns, hot out of the oven

Same shop, serving hot melted caramel on ice cream. It was GOOOOD!

Wonderful, ultra-creamy, smooth chocolates, that came so beautifully wrapped

Checking out the strawberries encased in mochi. Soooo good…

Pretty Japanese candy. They all looked fake!

It’s LADUREE French luxury cakes and pastries!!!

Macaroons *head explodes*

My little stash that I bought :P

Layers and layers of crepes and cream….. wow

Chilling out with our desserts, cakes and coffees

Beautiful cakes – they’re all real!

More picture-perfect delectables

The Japanese love their strawberries..

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