28 Feb

It’s a shopping paradise in Japan.

Did quite a bit of shopping whilst I was there…. oops! Not my fault, I couldn’t help it, the stuff’s all too awesome ;) I ADORE Japanese designed/made/sold stuff. The fashion is right up my alley, the skincare/cosmetics are top-notch and fascinating, and everything is just higher quality imho. It’s heavenly shopping there! Bought quite a bit but I didn’t take photos of everything because I’m too lazy and no one really cares what I buy anyway :P

But here’s a couple of things that I DID end up photographing:

Was shocked (and delighted) to see Lush there! Unfortunately, everything was
in Japanese so couldn’t understand :P Ended up buying ‘Sympathy For the Skin’
moisturiser and the Strawberry massage bar… smells awesome :)

My Italian calfskin gloves, lined with cashmere. It cost a friggin’ FORTUNE and the
bright orange dirties so easily. Arghhh..

Bought Covermark cosmetics… yes, the same brand I was raving like a nutter
about, in my previous Favourite Cosmetics blog entry. This powder foundation
is perfection! I also bought Mum the liquid foundation and loose powder, cos
they’re soooo good.

KITSON!!!!! One of my fave brands in the USA, they had a store in Japan, yay

The back of the mad cute lil pouch

Kitson tee, that is very very very me :P

Hello Kitty mineral water.. cos I like regressing into a 5 year old, okay?!

FASCINATING face wash/scrub I bought from the Onsen. As you rub the gel on
your skin, your dead skin cells ‘pills’ and balls up. When you wash it off, you’re
left with super smooth, silky, clear skin. I’m LOVING it!!!

A present for our furkids – jellies!

Incredible snacks Mum bought – in plain, and covered in white chocolate. Mmm..

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