23 Feb

Ahhh the wild and wonderful streets of Harajuku.

Of course, it’s now famous in the Western world, mostly thanks to Gwen Stefani and her famous “Harajuku girls” and style. But Harajuku was the epicentre of crazy Japanese fashion and shennanigans long before she brought it to light. It’s an explosion of creativity and all-round bizzareness. You get goth lolitas walking the streets, little bo peep characters prancing around, and a whole assortment of weird and wonderful outfits.

And it’s all considered perfectly NORMAL! If any of them were in Shanghai, traffic would stop from people staring ;) I like Harajuku though – it’s a cute little area with so much to see, and it was a lot of fun poking around in all the little stores. I could spend hours there.

After that, it was off to Ginza for a quick walkaround. It’s basically a large, main street filled with high-fashion stores like Louis Vuitton, Chanel, etc etc. Heavenly :) And they also have an adorable store, Kiddy Land that Chris and I thoroughly enjoyed – possibly because we have a mental age half of our actual age :P It’s 6 floors (or is it 7?) of toys, toys and more toys. Stuff from Lego and Transformers, to Hello Kitty and Care Bears. Everything’s totally adorable and when we have kids, I am SO bringing them there so I can play with everything in wild abandon :P

Japan’s an absolute shopping paradise!


The wild and wonderful streets of Harajuku

In the cockpit of a “plane”, which was actually a little shop

Costumes of every kind – from the cute, to the kinky


Fascinated with the little plastic dancing toys

A whole wall of (freakin’ adorable) socks

6 levels of ultra cuteness

Hello Kitty cakes selling outside!

Freshly baked with various fillings inside

Little girl with a perfect face, perfect hair, perfect clothes. OMG I WANT HER!

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