23 Feb

The Japanese do virtually everything better.

Especially when it comes to food. On our gastronomic adventure around Tokyo, we were treated to deliciously fresh food and tasty cuisine everywhere we went. But you know what? Even their fast food is good! I’m a big fan of the Mos Burger chain, that’s all over Singapore but for some absurd reason isn’t available in Australia or China.

Well, whilst in Japan, I discovered another burger joint – Freshness Burger. It’s very similiar to Mos Burger, except that everything is organic. That might explain the high prices, because it’s expensive for a very small portion (the burger is only about the size of the palm of your hand). It’s more like a cafe than a fast food place – with a whole selection of sauces and a chill dining area. The service is incredibly friendly and polite (then again, isn’t ALL service in Japan like that?!) and the food came out pretty quickly.

The burger buns were a curious yellow and were different to the McDonalds-style buns I’m used to. I suppose something to do with the organic wheat or different ingredients that they use, but the buns were really soft and slightly dense – yum! The meat patties were all really good, except way too small/thin. Same went with the fries – great but too small a portion. I’d say it would be enough for a child (or a dieting adult) but NO WHERE near enough for a full-grown adult male. So if you factor that in (ie. the fact you need to order 2 meals to feed one person), it gets very pricey indeed.

A whole array of sauces

That big blob of mayonnaise/cheese? Luscious…

This was vegetarian – just a whole Portobello mushroom. It was great!


Clam chowder, green tea latte, coffee

In contrast, another fast food restaurant was Tenya. It serves up tempura, quick smart and in a hurry! You give your order to the (again, super friendly) waitress and a mere 2 mins later, all the food comes out.


It was restaurant-quality, the same stuff you’d find in Japanese restaurants around the world. Crispy tempura, sitting on top of a (big!) bed of steaming hot Japanese rice, and drizzled with gravy. Oh it is luscious. So so satisfying, and around US$10 for the meal. Still expensive compared to a McDonalds burger meal in the USA, but WAY better ingredients and taste. I absolutely loved it and wanted to go back, but we didn’t have a chance to since we were eating at a different place for every meal throughout our trip :P

Tenya (though I swear the characters look like they say TNT!)

Deeeelicious tempura on rice. You stir up the soft-boiled egg and pour on top.

Set menu

Happily tucking in


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