21 Feb

Japan was incredible.

Honestly, the Japanese are superior in every way. Don’t mean to sound fanatical, but it’s the best way I can describe it. It’s been YEARS since I’ve last been to Japan, so I’d forgotten just how amazing the country and people was. But a week there and it all came rushing back and I fell in love with the place all over again.

The air is clean, the streets are spit-free and not dusty, the shopping is unbelievable, the food is outstanding, and the people…. how I admire the Japanese! Not only do they do things well and meticulously, they are just flat-out nice. Polite, friendly, helpful and courteous. It was a massive shock coming from China, and even the Australians (known for being easy-going and friendly) don’t hold a candle to the Japanese. They’re just so lovely and super-evolved, it’s very very very rare to come across a Japanese that’s anything but ultra sweet and polite. NO shoving either, a small bump sends them into a flurry of apologies. People actually QUEUE to get onto the train, instead of pushing/elbowing me so they can get on first. It was such a dream.

We flew in at night, and checked into the hotel straight-way. We stayed at the cheap Toyoko Inn, which has hundreds of hotels all over Japan. They are small, cheap, and INCREDIBLY clean and neat. Like a person with severe OCD cleans the place ;) Everything is placed in perfect order, everything is spick and span, everything is precise. I loved it :)

Anyway, some random photos below taken during the week. I took a few hundred photos so trawling through them all so I can blog it all properly. Ummm let’s just say it’s mostly food-related – we just ate our way through Japan, basically :P

Our compact hotel room

Mini, ultra-super-clean bathroom

Awesome Japanese strawberries and mini oranges (that you eat whole)

Nom nom nom!

Dropped our bags and stepped out to check out the night life

Japanese breakfast = awesome

Miso soup, Japanese yoghurt, crust-less sandwiches, rice ball, salad…
all for breakfast! Ohhhh I could eat this every day… mmm..

My super-messy cut cheese on toast VS Chris’ ultra neat version… LOL!

The insane Tokyo train system. And that was just one of the systems, there’s more!

Walking around the streets of Toyko. A cramped coffee stall

Selling fake plastic food, that really really looked like the real thing!

Dad, dog, cow, Chris. There’s nothing else to say.

At the Asakusa Markets

The guy turned a dark brown liquid into…. a crispy puff! It was like MAGIC.

Was basically just brown sugar though. Soooo sweet I nearly gagged.

Beautiful Japanese girl!!


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