09 Feb

So I bought a pair of earrings without realising there was an extra “0” in the price tag. ON THE END!

Yeah, you read about stuff like that happening in comics or movies, you don’t think it would actually happen in real life. Unless you’re me.

I was at Lilli’s Shanghai which is my FAVOURITE jewellery store in Shanghai.. and one of my favourites in the world. It’s a gorgeous boutique, specialising in gemstones, pearls and diamonds. They make everything by hand and every piece is unique – they don’t do duplicates. The quality is astounding – so different from other similar jewellery that I’ve seen.

Only problem? They’re EXPENSIVE. Catered towards the expat market and rich Chinese, the prices are pretty painful. But, there’s nothing similar, I’ve found. And I just adore their jewellery :) So I was eyeing this pair of earrings… made of a gemstone and encased in black gold. I forgot what the gemstone was (oops) but it’s pretty rare and looks like a crystal with a very very very slight hint of pink. And the black gold is a dip, underneath is regular gold. But I’d never seen black gold before and just loved the whole understated-yet-beautiful effect.

The earrings were super sparkly and not too long, something I can wear for daily use and also for the evening. And so far, I’ve been wearing them constantly since the neutral colours work with virtually every outfit I own.

So I love them, but only downside was there was that extra “0” on the price tag. Because I’m always converting prices back to AUD, I guess somewhere along the way I forgot/didn’t realise there was another “0”. Which made the earrings TEN TIMES MORE EXPENSIVE than what I was thinking. So I paid, crowing away to myself that I got a brilliant deal for such a rare piece of jewellery… then went home and realised there was an extra “0” to it. Oops!

Annoying, but still, I love them and still think they’re worth it even at the ten-times-more-expensive price I actually paid. But, lesson learnt – next time, pay a bit more attention when buying something! I a such a FAIL sometimes..

Gemstome and black gold earrings, from Lilli’s Shanghai

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