04 Feb

Usually we’re not a huge fan of aquariums, since they’re all largely the same. But Harbin’s Polarland is different because it features all these Arctic animals – many of which I’d never seen in real life before. Despite being an arctic aquarium, it was still remarkably warmer than the temperatures outside… that says a lot about Harbin’s weather ;)

Had a great time there looking at all the fluffy animals. I’m amazed that they can all survive comfortably in such cold weather.. I guess that’s what they were made for! I just adored the Arctic foxes – I was amazed by how adorable they were. Very cute feline faces, and pure white fur. They were smaller than I’d expected, about the size of a large cat or a small dog. They were really really tame and sweet-natured – there were many peddlers around Harbin that were carrying these beautiful arctic foxes around (10元 for a photo) and they were so docile and cute! Sadly, these arctic foxes are hunted for their fur. It’s not hard to see why – pure white, super dense, and oh so divine! I want an artic fox as a pet.. to cuddle up to in winter :)

I was also amazed with the Beluga whales. They looked a bit odd – pure white whales about the size of dolphins. But they did a performance that totally shocked me – I had no idea whales could learn what they did! They were so in tune with their trainers, and so responsive. I’ve seen other whale/dolphin shows but this one was the most impressive.

And my 3rd favourite was the Polar bears. I was surprised that they also seemed so docile. One of them was swimming around and he was just playing by himself, throwing himself around in the water, floating away, and playing with a big rubber tire. So cute!

It wasn’t cheap (like all the other attractions in Harbin) but I’m glad we went, since we were originally debating it, thinking it wouldn’t be that interesting. Very cool to see all these animals, which you wouldn’t normally see in regular aquariums, up close!


One very scary and weird looking sea creature

Gorgeous Beluga whale

Video of the Beluga whale performance

(link for China visitors)

Adorable mega polar bear

Video of the polar bear swimming – so soothing!

(link for China visitors)

Cutie patootie seal

GORGEOUS arctic fox….. awwww!!

Wolves. Sadly, in a tiny enclosure :(

Big fishy

Super cute (and smart) sea lion

Video of the sea lion playing with a ball!

(link for China visitors)

Video of the sea lion catching rings – sooo cute

(link for China visitors)

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