27 Jan

Anna Banana Frozen Yoghurt and Smoothies
88 Henan Road, The Bund
Shanghai, China


Anna Banana Frozen Yoghurt and Smoothies is a new-ish joint that opened recently – oddly, in the middle of winter! Chris and I still trooped there anyway, to see what it was all about. It’s unfortunately a bit out of the way for us – not walking distance and not in the middle of a main shopping district. If only they were right in the thick of things, we’d go much more frequently!

The frozen yoghurt with strawberries and kiwi fruit came in an adorable cup, with the fruit looking so bright on top. It’s actually expensive considering you have to add money to get fruit on top, and you only get a few teeny tiny pieces (because the cup is small anyway and it’ll overflow). We enjoy the sweet fruit and slight tang of the frozen yoghurt. The frozen yoghurt itself isn’t very creamy and slightly on the icy side – because it’s low fat. I’d prefer a HIGH fat option with maximum creaminess :)

I’m pretty satisfied with my fresh waffle with frozen yoghurt and cheerios. The waffle is freshly made (excellent!) and has a nice flavour. I prefer the thick sort of waffles that are crispy on the outside and moist on the inside, but that’s just personal taste. It needs about twice the amount of yoghurt though, the portion is too stingy. I also asked for some maple syrup (free) but it is a TINY drizzle – they should just provide the whole bottle for you to pour on at the table.

Sadly, the enticing-sounding teas they have on the menu is merely a Dilmah tea bag :( For the price, I was expecting tea leaves brewed in a kettle. Overall, the food is good, the concept is adorable, and the staff are excellent. However, the tiny-sized portions (it honestly seemed like the staff was carefully counting out items) give a stingy vibe to the place. Be twice as generous with your portions/toppings and I’m sure customers will thoroughly enjoy themselves :)

At Anna Banana

Toppings galore to choose from

Cheery interior

Frozen yoghurt with strawberries and kiwi fruit

Fresh waffle with frozen yoghurt and cheerios

A Dilmah tea bag..

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