SYDNEY: meetup at the Bavarian Bier Cafe

21 Jan

Because we were so jam-packed during our trip – with a lot of sightseeing, even more food-eating, hanging out with my parents, going to the office, etc – we only managed to organise ONE measly meet up with ALL our friends. Very sad, but at least we had a fabulous time!

After an epic shopping day with a girl friend, we met up with everyone else at Bavarian Bier Cafe, an excellent place to have dinner and a few drinks with friends. It’s casual, yet not dodgy at all, and usually has lots of business people hanging out having a drink after work. I love the atmosphere there – you can be as loud as you want and not be out of place :P

Plus, they have fabulous food! Yummy Bavarian dishes which I can’t vouch if they’re totally authentic, but they taste real good. The food always arrives pretty quickly and the beers served even quicker ;) Go early for Happy Hour for deals on drinks and start off your night early! Had a lovely evening/night hanging out, eating good food, drinking good wine/beers and the only thing I would’ve changed was to have ordered dessert. But then their dessert menu is UN-enticing, to say the least, so none of us were inspired.

The lovely interior

A 1 litre beer!

That’s a much more feminine looking beer

Big vs little ;)


My lovely French girl friends

In a French man sandwich

It’s like only one of us is capable of making a normal face at any given moment ;)


Those glasses were gigantic!

Fabulous schnitzel. Though it was smaller than previous times – boo

All the boys

Me and my dear girl friends!

ALL of us were sticking out our tongue. I don’t think we knew :P

A mad happy shot


Was so fab to be with all our friends again!

And so, that was our whole Sydney trip. There were lots more shenanigans but we didn’t take photos of everything (hard to believe, right?) and some I couldn’t be bothered to post about. We had a TERRIFIC time – Dad’s 60th, celebrating new year’s, our friends’ wedding, day trips, lots of eating, a crapload of shopping *ahem*, and wonderful catchups with our friends.

I miss Australia already. It’s hard to believe a year has just flown past.. it seems like it was only a few weeks ago we were packing up and moving our whole lives to China! And what a crazy, fun-filled, and hair-pulling experience it has been. Still, Australia is home and I can’t wait to go back again for a visit :)



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