SYDNEY: burgers at The Counter

21 Jan

The Counter
118 Willoughby Rd
Crows Nest, Australia


The Counter opened right near where I lived in Sydney last year.. and I immediately headed there when they opened. Now, over a year later, we just had to go back for some custom-made burgers. Casual and friendly, this is a great place to grab a meal with friends.

For some bizzare reason, people declare their fries serving as “huge”. Not at all – but that’s just me. The regular fries are good, but nothing exceptional – just fries :P I love the sweet potato fries though, which have a lovely mild sweet flavour and go very well with the aoli dip. And the deep fried onion rings.. ohhh I could wax lyrical about these. They are dripping with oil, but are so thin and crispy and TASTY that I eat fistfuls of these with each mouthful. Mmm…

And then, of course, their custom-made burgers. I really appreciate how you can build your own burger, because you can select everything you love, and omit everything you don’t. Why don’t ALL burger places do this?! Their patties are fantastic – so juicy and fresh, and hellavalot more flavourful than Mcdonalds ;) The only thing I don’t like about them is that the burger bun is so thick. I prefer it to be softer (more gourmet) and thinner, so you can taste more of the ingredients.

My favourite’s their Apple Pie milkshake though, which is an outstanding drink. Real apple pie crushed into a rich and creamy thick shake – it’s just luscious! Probably an entire day’s worth of calories in a cup – but worth it :)

Shanghai actually has loads of burger joints, but they all pale in comparison compared to The Counter’s. I will be happy as a clam the day a place like The Counter opens up on Shanghai.

It’s very busy The Counter

Awesome gourmet chocolates, thanks !

Cool ordering system – but tooooo many choices, ahhh

Faffing around whilst we wait for our food

Ze boys

Apple Pie Milkshake – as awesome as it sounds

Regular fries and sweet potato fries – loved ’em!

And also deep fried onion rings – *%(#@)*$@ THESE WERE GOOD

A very luscious burger, with guacamole and spicy sour cream *foodgasm*

Me and the girls :)

All of us! Can you spot the psycho photo-bomber behind us? ;)



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