SYDNEY: wandering around the beaches

20 Jan

We went for a drive by the beach, since it was a lovely day out and we wanted to chill. We went to check out the famous “blow hole” but, bizzarely, it was dry! It’s supposed to spew water whenever the water comes in but I guess we were there at the wrong time of the day since it was all bone dry :P But we had fun wandering around on the rocks and enjoying the sunshine. I never used to appreciate stuff like this, but now I really and truly do. It’s simply not possible to do anything remotely similiar in Shanghai, so we crave the outdoors whenever we’re in China.

Yet another gorgeous day in Sydney

Viewing area above the “blow hole” which was completely dry..

Walking over the rocks

Dad chills out

Mmm…. love the ocean…

I like this photo, it captures that middle seagull just as it was landing

Stopping by a petrol station, where Chris decided to clean the windows :P


Deep-fried chocolate in caramel sauce, which I had for dessert when I took some colleagues
out for lunch at Baroque restaurant at The Rocks. I LOVED THIS!!!!

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