SYDNEY: Pyrmont Fish Markets

20 Jan

No trip to Sydney is complete without a sojourn to the Prymont Fish Markets. It’s normally completely packed to the rafters with people – it is, after all, THE place to go to in Sydney for the freshest seafood at a reasonable price. We went on a weekday, and so whilst it wasn’t I-wanna-scream packed, every table was still full and the inside area was pretty full with people milling around looking at the fresh seafood.

Ya know, it’s beyond me why so many Chinese people go to the Pyrmont Fish Markets, then order a cooked Chinese-style lobster and abalone. Firstly, you go there for the awesome Aussie food like fish & chips and oysters! And secondly, you want to have it all fresh, and not spoil the taste with all the Chinese sauces/spices, considering you can get the same dish at any old Chinese restaurant around town. Hrrrmmm. To each their own I guess!

We had a fabulous feast of tasty fresh seafood, though we kinda went a lil crazy and over-ordered (as usual!) And, as always, the salmon sashimi was my favourite. There is much to be said about how satisfying a simple, super-fresh round of sashimi can be. Yummy!

Awesome seafood selection

Ready-made seafood platters

Crabs with their shells off

A scrambling lobster


Our wine, drunk from teeny glasses, LOL

A tumble of salmon sashimi… luscious…

And some super fresh Rock Oysters

Really sweet prawns


Food, glorious food!

Calamari and more calamari

A big fat soft-shell crab

Cheeeeeesey lobster

Tucking in

Chris tackles his barramundi and chips (the fish was amazing)

Enjoying Sydney’s weather

Blue cheese, duck a l’orange pate, ash brie

The duck a l’orange pate, yum

Blue cheese, not as smelly as it normally is, fortunately

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