SYDNEY: our beloved Kingsford Chinese

20 Jan

Kingsford Chinese Restaurant
426 Anzac Parade
Kingsford, Australia


I’ve posted about Kingsford Chinese.. oh… maybe 10 times? But actually, we’ve been there more than 50 times – EASILY. It’s actually the place that Chris and I always went to when we were friends, and when we started dating. Located a stone’s throw away from our University (UNSW), we often popped on over for dinner. We ADORE the place. They serve up very reasonably priced Chinese food and OH BOY THE FOOD IS GOOD!!!! It is hands down the absolute best Chinese food we’ve ever had in Australia… and dare I say it… one of the best we’ve had in the world – yes, even compared to the food we get here in China :P

They’re always packed out with people, almost all of which are Asian, so Chris gets to be the “token white guy” there ;) Their outstanding dish is (and all of you will already know this if you’ve read my blog for more than a year)… the Sweet and Sour Fish. Sounds standard and I know every other place has it, but THESE GUYS DO IT BEST. Seriously, no other sweet and sour fish even comes close! This has super tender, moist chunky fish… lightly battered and crisp…. in a mild sweet and sour sauce. Oh it is just divine. I consider myself a sweet and sour fish connoisseur – I order the dish at almost every single Chinese restaurant I go to – and no one can beat this version.

We also love their Sang Tung Chicken, which is always moist and juicy, with thin crispy skin, a tumble of shallots and sliced chillies, and comes sitting in a slightly tangy sauce. It’s so good I could eat it alone with nothing else. Can’t finish the large portion that comes out? Bring it home, and the next day, shred it up to make a chicken sandwich!

And, of course, their Beef Fried Rice. A heap of hot, fragrance rice with lots of tender bits of beef and a generous amount of egg – all tumbled together. I normally only find fried rice so-so – it’s nice but not great. But this one? We get it EVERY time, because it’s superior to most other fried rice. Packed with flavour, it’s pretty much a meal on its own.

This time, we also ordered the Garlic Prawns but they were fairly normal. Nice thick prawns in a creamy garlic gravy, but similar to many other places and nothing stand-out – at least not like their other dishes above.

Hard to believe that 10 years have gone by since we started visiting Kingsford Chinese, and they’re still going strong. I hope and pray they will continue for many more decades to come.. so we can bring our children there too :)

Beef fried rice

Sweet and sour fish

Garlic prawns

Sang Tung chicken

Somewhere off with the fairies in Food Heaven



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