SYDNEY: day trip to Hunter Valley

18 Jan

We took a day trip out to the Hunter Valley, which serves for only one purpose – WINE! It is the wine county of Sydney and boasts fabulous Australian-made wine, many of which are our favourites. Australian wines are near and dear to our heart, for obvious reasons, but also because they taste fantastic. In particular, we love Peacock Hill wines, which are a boutique wine and very niche, but offer delightful flavours that dance on your palette and are a joy to consume. We bought wine whilst at Hunter Valley, but regretted buying much much more to bring back to Shanghai :P

The weather was hot, hot, hot! It was absolutely sweltering, reaching into the 40s celcius during the day. It was so hot it was actually a big effort to get out of the car and step outside under the scorching sun. You’d immediately start sweating, without even having to move. Was pretty unbelievable. Still, we appreciated it since it beats Shanghai’s sub-zero, cold and raining winters.

Had a fabulous day out drinking wine, eating fantastic food, and enjoying our road trip. And, happily, we scored great wine to take back to Shanghai with us!

Picture perfect

Cripes I wish I owned a summer house here

Looks like a computer desktop wallpaper. Only real.

At the Bluetongue Lizard Brewery

Traipsing up the hill ‘cos we scored the table there :D


Chicken pie and Meat pie. They were more like meat stews with pie topping.. mmm…

Sirloin steak sandwich with aoli

Beer sampler!!!!

Outside Peacock Hill boutique winery, which is also their house

Sprawling gardens where we had dinner

Dad and Chris chilling out

And me too :)

In the Smelly Cheese Shop

They sold ice cream too. LOOK AT ‘EM!!! Had the Chocolate one and it was luscious

Bum Hummers – 1,000 farts in a jar. ROFL

Delicious prawn tempura

Spicy fish – this was absolutely incredible

Duck curry

Chicken satay

Pad Thai

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