SYDNEY: another day by the beach

18 Jan

We spent (yet another) gloriously sunny day down by the beach… Bondi Beach this time. It was packed out with people, despite being a work day. So either the Aussies were bludging off work, or there were a lot of tourists/unemployed people :P It was fantastic to feel the hot sun on our skin and see the bright blue skies – I truly miss weather like this when we’re in Shanghai.

We had an early dinner at the Icebergs club which actually isn’t it real name, which I forgot, but it’s situated a level under the Icebergs restaurant so that’s what I call it :P Offering breathtaking views of Bondi Beach, they’re a bit overpriced (considering they’re a casual cafe/pub) but still worth a visit just to take in the view and have a drink and a meal.

I miss all the easily-available great food we get in Sydney. Shanghai has fabulous food too, but different sorts of food. And there’s no such thing as meal overlooking the ocean, under the hot sun, in Shanghai :( And so, we thorougly enjoyed it whilst we were in Sydney!

At the gorgeously sunny Bondi Beach

A skate ramp. These guys were impressive!

I LOVE this pic I snapped with my mobile phone. I think it was taken
at Dee Why beach, not Bondi Beach though, can’t remember :P

At the Icebergs club – WHAT A VIEW!

That salt & pepper calamari… omg… it was cripsy salty goodness

A perfectly grilled Barammundi

Creamy mushroom and chicken risotto

Beautifully charred Kingfish

Oh so very true!

You Are Mysophobia

You are the fear of germs or dirt.*
It’s easily for you to get grossed out or freaked out. You especially can’t stand other people’s messes.

You are a bit of an obsessive compulsive type. It bothers you to see things out of order.
You only feel comfortable when you are in charge. You admit that you are a control freak.

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