SYDNEY: hanging out with friends at home

15 Jan

Thanks to sleeping at 5AM (!!!) on New Year’s Eve (or is it Day?), we woke up mega bleary-eyed. Only a select few know why we ended up sleeping so late, as it’s a secret ;) Fortunately, we soon perked right back up because we were spending the whole day with friends. Yay! What a fab way to celebrate New Year’s Day and ring in 2010.

It was soooo good to see , and again! Boy it’s hard (and crappy) living away from good friends. But yet it was like I’d never left, it felt like I still lived in Australia and we were hanging out again as per usual :)

Upon my pleading, succumbed (bwahaha) and whipped up her speciality (and my favourite dish of hers) – Baked brie with cranberries and almonds. IT IS AWESOME!!!!!! It’s basically a whole wheel of brie cheese, wrapped in puff pastry with cranberries and almonds stuffed inside. Is it unhealthy? You betcha. Does it taste good? HELL YESSSSSS!!!!!

The rest of launch was assorted sausages – which I adored, because I’m so deprived of them in China. They’re one of my favourite foods (yes, I am a cheap date) and I’ve missed them soooo much. And now I’m addicted to roasted sweet potatoes too. They were soooo good, with herb and chilli butter mixed in. In fact, in China you get a lot of people on the street selling freshly roasted sweet potatoes, but I’d never bought from them before ‘cos I wasn’t sure what they were and what they tasted like. Now, I’m hooked :P

Dessert was ‘s homemade pavlova, with *ahem* a bit of a cheat included ;) I liked it way more than regular pavlovas (which I don’t actually like at all). This was was delicious – I had 2 servings :P

Freakin’ awesome food, and even better company.

HURRAY FOR 2010!!!!!


I feel a bit light-headed just looking at this photo

Very happy girlies. What can I say? We LOVE to eat!

Lunch of assorted sausages (yum), salad, and roasted sweet potatoes (loved these!)

Pavlova with cream and fruits… mmmm…




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