29 Dec

Made a very simple dish for dinner the other night – lemon butter salmon with creme fraiche. All it took was to wrap the salmon up in a bit of foil, popping in a pat of butter, a few slices of lemon, some herbs/salt/pepper, and a layer of creme fraiche on top. Bake it for about 15 mins and bob’s your uncle! DONESKIES. Served with some creamy and buttery mashed potato and you have yourself a very quick and ultra simple-to-make meal.

Where are the veggies?

Ummm… nowhere :P

Place salmon on foil and put a pat of butter and lemon slices on top, with herbs/salt/pepper

Spread a layer of creme fraiche and bake at 180 celcius for 15 mins

Fresh out of the oven

Lemon butter salmon with creme fraiche, served with mashed potatoes

With the rest of the creme fraiche, I made Mushroom pasta with creme fraiche! Basically just tossed whatever we had in the fridge into a pan, and poured it on top of pasta. Fabulous comfort food.

Onion and garlic sizzling in a big pat of butter
(the more butter you use, the more fragrant the sauce is)

Whacked in sliced tomatoes and mushrooms

Finally, stirred in the creme fraiche. It looked like vomit. D’oh.

But it tasted great!!!

And on another night, we made tacos! MUCH missed, we hadn’t had tacos since
moving to China… it’s one of our favourite meals :)~

Well, the top part is very true!

You Are Chocolate Mousse
Compared to most people, you are blissful and content with your life.

You enjoy each moment, and you try your best to live simply. You think people cause their own anguish.

You are charming and a bit of a smooth character. You can always get by on your charm.

You are confident and sure of yourself. You are comfortable with your own skin and don’t try to be someone else.

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