WEDDING: part 12 – the end and the beginning

25 Dec

Flowers and gifts for Chris’ parents


And for mine, too :)

Me and my dearest mum :) How beautiful is her dress?!

My lovely, generous aunt. I loved her Cleopatra-like outfit :P

Us, parents, and pastor

With our friends

More lovely friends!

With Chris’ family

My cousins, who ran around like crazy up to and including the wedding day

Thanking guests after the dinner

Our wedding favors – a glass coaster/photoframe, a silver bookmark

And so, what a WONDERFUL day and night we had – celebrating with all our friends and family. It was actually really stress-free on the day, which is unbelievable. But honestly, on the actual day, all Chris and I had to do was enjoy ourselves. We were totally protected from any crazy mishaps or drama, thanks to the wedding angels otherwise known as our family :P I know they worked really hard to make this day awesome for us, especially my parents who dedicated hours and hours of running around town doing stuff, researching everything, and making sure it was 100% perfect for us.

It was just an amazing day.

We’ll never forget it :)


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