WEDDING: part 11 – the surprise video from Mum and Dad

25 Dec

Suddenly, it was announced that “Beverly’s Mum and Dad have a surprise for the bride…”.


And with that, the following video below played.

I actually thought that I would have a complete breakdown, right there and then. It took a LOT of self control to hold myself together and not lose my marbles ;) The song is near and dear to Dad and I… he gave me the book many many years ago and we always said it was a really wonderful song. But then I never really thought much into it and definitely did not expect Dad to make this video!

He actually went through hundreds of photographs of me growing up, and timed it to the lyrics. It was pretty mindblowing. I don’t think there was a single dry eye in the room after that… I remember looking around and people were crying and lots of women dabbing at their eyes with tissues. It’s the sweetest thing Dad has ever done for me in my life, and he put so much effort into it too.

The best wedding gift, ever :)

Psssst! A bit of trivia. The pic near the start of me as a baby getting baptised? Same pastor that married Chris and I….. 27 years later. AND, he also married my Mum and Dad 35 years ago :)

(link for China visitors)

Me, whilst watching that video above

The same book, that Dad gave me years and years ago

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