WEDDING: part 9 – the dinner

24 Dec

The mood at the dinner reception was really relaxed, fun, and everyone just kicked back having a good time. We had a MEGA 3-hour banquet, so I hope everyone’s bellies were fed :P Most of our time was spent wandering around and chatting with our guests, and we should’ve been tired after such a crazy day, but I guess adrenelin kicks in so we were all really perky. Was quite amazing to see our families (who are all over the world) together for one night, and our friends. So delightful to see everyone in one room – for the first time EVER in our lives :)

Our Best Man and Maid of Honour, MC-ing for the night

All our guests

At the bridal party table

Was half-starved!

So cuuute! But they spelled Chris’ name as “Christ”, LOL!!!!

Such a wonderful photo of Dad

Happily smiles

Chris is… amused, about something!

We got to sit down for the first 2 courses (of the 10 or 11 course dinner) and chow down on food before we had to leave again. This time, so I could change into my evening gown….. for the 2nd walk-in!

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