WEDDING: part 5 – the wedding ceremony

22 Dec

The adorable flowergirl went down first, tossing petals on the aisle… then the super cute pageboy in his little tux and holding our ring pillow…. then my lovely cousin/matron of honour in her gorgeous floaty dress…. and then…. DAD AND I!!

The wedding procession :)

A heart-stopping moment

My soon-to-be husband, looking straight at me……

A closer-up pic

It was this incredible, surreal, perfect moment.

So wonderful that my heart stopped beating so fast, and I was completely calm, alert, aware, and very much focusing on all our guests as we walked down the aisle. It was this magical moment that I’ll remember for the rest of my life, as the best moment in my life. I can’t begin to describe how amazing and magical it is coming down the aisle, with everyone looking at you, and seeing, amongst everyone’s faces, Chris’. All radiant, happy, and looking at no one else but me. And me looking right back at him.

Dad and I got to the altar right as the music stopped (perfect timing, w00t!) and he passed me over to Chris, and the service began. The actual service was actually a bit of a whirlwind for me.. and passed by so quickly that before I knew it, we were standing in front of the pastor again and saying our vows. The vows were chose were the oldest, and the most traditional vows. It was an easy choice because our whole theme for the wedding was elegance and tradition. I don’t like anything too way out or different for a wedding, because I want it to be timeless, and I want us to look back on it 50 years from now and not regret a thing. And so our vows were said, we exchanged rings, and we kissed :)

Down at the front of the aisle

A lovely shot of our guests

Another pic of the flowers (loved them)

Love the architecture

Standing with the Pastor whilst he says a few words

Our rings

Saying our vows

Sealing the deal!

And then it was my turn

Our first kiss, as man and wife. And my heart dissolved like melted butter.

A perfectly captured photo of the moment :)

And then, the pastor announced as as “Mr and Mrs Christopher Burgess”!

Whilst we were signing the marriage certificate, my aunts and uncle put on a special item – a song dedication! It was so wonderful of them and really touching that they made the effort to do that for our wedding, especially because we knew it came straight from the heart.. :)

My aunts and uncle singing “When You created Love” *tear*

(link for China visitors)

Photo of them singing

Chris signing his life away, bwahahahaaaaa

A shot of all of us

The official Certificate of Marriage

All of us, singing one of the hymns

Then, we exited to the “Wedding March”. It was all over in about 45 mins (I think), but it felt like about 10 minutes to me. It was all over so quickly! So much so I wanted to do it all over again, especially the walking-down-the-aisle part.. which was so much fun :)

The “Wedding March”, our exit song


And then, it was time for…….. FOOD!

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