WEDDING: part 1 – the early morning

20 Dec

People say “My wedding was the best day in my life” and I never thought much of it.. just something that people kind of have to say, right? Well, turns out I’m just like everyone else after all – it really was the BEST day in my entire life!!! It actually astounded me how perfect it was and how much we loved it… and how satisfying and happy it was to see our friends and family enjoy themselves too.

The night before, however, and we were all in a total PANIC.

Actually, that word doesn’t even begin to sum up what it was like at home! I was madly finishing off the Church ceremony order-of-service sheets, which were only confirmed that night. Then began the crazy task of printing 150+ copies out…. ALL ON OUR TINY HOME PRINTER. Oh, and we had to do it double the number of times, since after printing all on one side, we had to do the next side. Did I also mention that the printer takes about 2 mins to print each page? Arghhh!!

So at around 11:00PM, Dad packed me off to bed whilst he continued overseeing the printing activities (so sweet!). Except for one small problem – hearing Mum and Dad rushing around outside made it impossible to fall asleep, it just made me more and more nervous!!

And then, the worst sound: *bonk*… *kerchrrrr*….

I lay in bed, listening to that sound repeat every minute or so, KNOWING that something was wrong outside but feeling far too scared to venture out and ask. Finally, at 2:00AM, I yelled out “Muuuuuum!!! I can’t sleep!!! *WAIL*” (it was awesome to be able to do that btw, as I’ve lived away from my parents for >10 years now) and Mum came in and gave me 2 Panadols, and I finally fell asleep. I think they also went to bed shortly afterwards.

In the wee hours of the morning *yawn*

The yard (where everyone gathered later for the arrival of the groom)

Pretty flowers at the front door

A portrait of us, from the pre-wedding shoot

Our pre-wedding shoot album (above) and our wedding guestbook

The alarm clock went off at a mind-numbing time of 5:30AM. Staggered outside and saw my parents awake, and Dad fully dressed and showered. Did he even sleep at all?!?! All the last minute stuff had to be organised, before the makeup artist arrived at 6:45AM. He was amazing and I watched myself transform from a grouchy, sleepy ugly monster… into a blushing bride. Oh the wonders of makeup!! :)

Makeup-less and getting my hair done

Time to put on my ‘face’ ;)

My wedding shoes, awaiting me…

Little tidbits for the guests as they arrive into the house

A happy shot of Chris’ mum

I wonder with Mum and Dad were thinking here, possibly
“Oh man, this is gonna be one CRAZY day. Bring it on!” *lol*

By then, the guests were all arriving and by 8:00AM, everyone was in the house. *CLANG* went the gates as they were shut.


For possibly the most fun part of the wedding……. ;)

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