WEDDING – the pre-shoot

18 Dec

Yeah… I know I’m extraordinarily late with our wedding photos.

We only just got ’em back from the photographer, d’oh! It also took us ages to select the ones we wanted.. as we had to choose 300 out of about 3,000 (!!) shots. Madness :P But we finally got ’em back so I will start posting them all and blogging that one very special day in our lives :)

For now, here’s the Pre-wedding shoot photos. All taken in Shanghai… in the SWELTERING HEAT OF SUMMER. I can’t even describe how hot hot hot it was!!! If you thought Singapore was hot and humid, it ain’t got nothing on Shanghai. It was so hot we were soaking through our clothes.. my hair was limp and wet and makeup had all melted off my face.

Was pretty amusing as we were actually angry and hot and bothered through the whole shoot, and scowling away. Then the photographer would go “SMILE!” and we’d have to grin accordingly. We were convinced the photos would show us all flustered and sweaty and disgruntled.. but surprisingly we look really cool and calm in them. Photos are deceiving ;)

But I’m happy with how they turned out. I like all the scenery and really loved how we captured parts of Shanghai in it. We made it all into a photo album since it makes for great memories – both to remember our pre-wedding photoshoot and also to remember our time in Shanghai :)

Strolling in Yu Yuan garden

On a typically busy Shanghai street

A scary looking lion

At the famous zigzag bridge (there’s some significance that zigzag
is better than straight bridges, for some reason..)

Looking very happy :)

Checking out fish in the pond. I’m hanging onto my fan for dear life
cos it was sooooo hot!

Bliss :)

Chris picked the design/fabric of the dress, a traditional Chinese qipao. Like it? :)

My #1 favourite shot. Looks like an ad for Starbucks, haha! It was candid,
the photographer was actually outside the cafe, snapping us inside.

Wandering around outside

In XinTianDi

Such a model-y shot, haha

We randomly sat down at one of the cafe’s tables ;)

In the park directly outside our apartment

Swept right off my feet!

We look so cool and comfortable. We weren’t. We were sweaty and angry!



Action shot (though Chris had to hold ’em still)

A family photo :)

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