14 Dec

Lange Bar & Restaurant
661 Wuding Lu (武定路661号)
Jing An
Shanghai, China

PRICE: 元元元

I’m a big fan of Lange Bar & Restaurant and their cheap, delicious Italian food. It’s a solid place to go with friends or for a quiet dinner date – nothing fancy, but great for a Western meal at much lower prices than many other Italian restaurants. The staff are all incredibly polite and sweet, and the manager Shawn is also quite the hottie ;)

I think they’re stronger on the pizzas than on the pastas though. My favourite is the Lange Special pizza, which is a sort of Supreme-style pizza and so tasty. It’s a thin crust pizza and comes with a generous amount of toppings, and lashes of gooey cheese. Our Salmon cream pasta was good but not spectacular – the cream sauce was luscious and rich, but we didn’t like the whole peppercorns (who does?!) in the dish, and had to pick them out 1 by 1. Instead, it should come with a crack of freshly ground pepper and parmesan cheese – now that would make it terrific!

They’re doing a 200元 all you can eat and drink party on Christmas eve. So come along if you’re free, we’ll all be there!


Tomato and bococcini salad

Salmon cream pasta

‘Lange special’ pizza


Afterwards, we scooted off to Party #1: Shanghai Stuff christmas party. This was held at some bar on the bund and actually started off dull as hell – it was all locals there and no expats at all. But after about 1-2 hours it picked up and was fun, with fantastic music. It was also OPEN BAR – woohoo!

Then, it was off to Party #2: Shopgirl’s birthday party. At the Barbie Cafe, incredibly. Way to tap into your 10 year old self ;) It’s a cute place, and converts into a nightclub at night. It’s pink and silver galore – quite painful on the eyes but hey, I love pink! Met a couple of people that said they read my blog (HULLO!) and some gave me their blog addresses but ummmm I had a few drinks and ummmm.. forgot ’em all. Oops! Anyway, I spotted a few really hot guys and they told me they came on the “party bus” – apparently half the people there had gate-crashed – they came on some kinda big bus and didn’t know people there but just rocked up for the party, *lol*! Well, at least they provided great eye candy. I was also smothered with kisses by the birthday girl, I think Chris would’ve felt threatened if he had been there ;)

Somehow, I was really unlucky that night and was the resident pour-your/my-drink-over-me sucker. I had drinks poured on my arms, chest, legs, and even my hair (!) not once, twice, but FIVE times! A mixture of me being clumsy and tossing my drink around (whoops) and people bumping up into me and drenching me. Grrrrr. Good thing I wasn’t wearing a thin white dress/shirt, haha. Still, I was a sticky, clumpy-haired mess by the end of the night – d’oh.

No pics from Party #1 and only the few pics below of Party #2 because I was too busy to whip my camera out. Oh well!

Garish, but I liked it!

Both of us, completely un-Barbie-themed, haha

Me and Mr Food Connoisseur

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