01 Dec

Caves play a big feature in Guilin/Yangshuo’s scenery, and so we visited the famous Silver Cave. The walk through is a whopping 2KM, which I think is the longest cave walk I’ve ever been on. It’s a lot easier than it sounds though – because it’s so touristy, they’ve built up the cave so it’s all level ground and nice steps going up/down. Definitely not the real caving experience ;) Probably just as well, I don’t think many regular people can survive 2KM of real spelunking! Typical of caves in China, it’s all lit up with neon lights and so doesn’t really present a true blue cave experience.. more of an entertaining experience. It’s not better or worse, but personally I prefer a proper cave experience like what Australia has.

The caves are gorgeous though – one of the nicest onces I’ve seen. The limestone formations are huge and breathtaking. My favourite was a huge cave that stretched upwards, but was surrounded by absolutely still, crystal clear water. It mirrored the image perfectly so when I first approached, I thought we were actually standing on a precipice and it was a huge drop down – before realising it was just shallow water that was mirroring the image. Amazing.

So far, this was the nicest cave I’ve seen in China. Any recs for any better ones? :)

Pretty red lanterns

A fantastic view

Entering the cave

The first large cavern


All blue and eerie-like

Gorgeous cave roof

The most GORGEOUS cave…

…with water so clear and still that it was mirrored perfectly!

Lazy ass women being carried on a bamboo chair. WTF??!!
(note: they weren’t invalids)

Outside, there were 2 gorgeous peacocks to take photos with (if you paid)

A refreshing sugarcane drink, freshly squeezed for only 3元 (US$0.40)

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