09 Nov

On a lovely warm day, we headed off to the The Cuisine Festival. We were pleasantly surprised that people were really well-behaved (no crazy shouting, pushing & shoving) and that there weren’t actually that many people there. But then we realised, it was fairly empty because of one key reason:

It was appallingly expensive. There’s no other way to put it. At 120元 per person, the price really hurts since we paid for 4 people. At food festivals that have paid-entry in Australia, we ALWAYS get loads of free samples – basically enough to fill you for a meal. It was not the case here. Unbelievably, we had to pay more for the food, and there was little/no samples. In fact, a lot of the dishes were really expensive (for a tiny amount) and it was only the wonderful steak that was incredible value for money.

Frankly, I felt the prices gave us all a real sour taste (not good since it’s a food festival, haha), and MANY people there felt the same and were complaining too. Don’t even get me started on the hilarious 500元 for their ‘Premium lunch’ (btw, you can get a full fine-dining buffet + all-you-can-drink champagne in expensive hotels for under 400元) or their 150元 ‘VIP area’ that just had teeny glasses of wine and a few little canapes. The organisers should have had the brains and foresight to charge the 120元 entry fee, which is fine, but give back 120元 in food vouchers that you can redeem right there-and-then at the food stalls.

Now THAT would have made the festival a SUCCESS!

Fortunately, they day was nice, and people were polite. The stall holders were great – very friendly and we enjoyed the great food served there, plus discovered a few new restaurants that we want to check out later.

Worn that day:
Louis Vuitton bandeau (worn as headband)
He Qi crystal earrings
“I’m Blogging This” tee
Levi’s denim shorts
Sketchers shoes
Miu Miu lambskin bag

The 2009 Cuisine Festival

Outside the huge building

Lovely outdoor area to chill out during the festival

‘sup, blog readers? :)

Insanely luscious pork ribs…. *drools*


Beer + ribs = perfection

Totally cute pic :)

Buying tacos, beer, and more food…

Gobbling some Polish dumplings

Checking out the ice creams

Food makes me happy

Waiting for our steaks to cook

180g fillet steak for 48元 (US$7) and it was freakin’ perfection!

I finished my steak :(

Checking out HoF’s delectable goodies. Their orange chocolate cake was luscioussss

Guess the scarecrow?

Mio Miko, a new-ish Belgium chocolate cafe. We must go!

Pretty ceiling

Having a big Croque Monsieur (it was really good), and the nice French guy there
gave me a glass of free wine. So lovely!! It was delish :)

Eating at the Meridien hotel’s stand

Yummy Rhubarb pie from the Hyatt hotel

I look dubious, but I LOVED this alcoholic yoghurt schnapps drink, bought a whole bottle for myself!

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