08 Nov

Quanjude Roast Duck Restaurant (全聚德)
786 Huai Hai Road
Shanghai, China

PRICE: 元元元元

Since Mum and Dad were in town, a visit to Quanjude Roast Duck Restaurant was a total MUST. It’s the best place to bring visitors because it’s the perfect China experience and serves a mean Peking duck. Some of you may remember Chris and I went a few months ago, so this is largely a repeat.. thus I won’t go into lengthy descriptions about the food.

I have to say, yet again, how spectacular they do their roast duck. There is NO squishy yellow fat anywhere, and they slice the duck into 3 different plates types:

1) the ‘premium skin’ dish – pure thick crunchy skin with the most blissful burst of flavour. Zero squishy fat, zero meat. Just pure, unadulterated ecstacy.

2) the ‘meat+skin’ dish – a tumble of lean duck meat and thin crispy skin. Similiar to what you’d get at other “regular” Peking duck places, but less fat. Fantastic flavour and I actually loved this one best because it combined both meat and skin.

3) the ‘meat only’ dish – slices of expertly cut pure duck meat, no fat, no skin. Tender and moist, this lean meat was a total treat on the tastebuds. Perfect for those who are watching their weight/health and want a lean cut with minimal oil.

We loved every dish that they served. They really do serve up flat-out, straight-up, great dishes. Very slow and a little uncoordinated (they dishes each came out about 10-15 mins apart), but it’s somewhat excusable since they boast a full house and are jammed with people. The only inedible dish was the weird chestnut jelly, this gellatine and kinda hard layered jelly that tasted like… nothing on earth. Mildly like citrus(?) and not like chestnut at all.. and I had to force mine down since I’d already popped it into my mouth. Never again!

Outside the restaurant, which was so busy we had to queue to use the lift to get upstairs!

Quan Ju De, written backwards in Chinese!

The colourful interior

Perusing the menu, trying to figure out what to order

Shen Jian, beautifully pan fried

Chris tucks in

Juicy meat and lots of soup inside, mmm!

They are freakin’ HOT though, especially when the hot soup squirts out

Chris and I got burnt at the exact same time – YEOWCH!!!!

Veggies, these were actually really really good

Tofu and tomatoes, in an odd citrus sauce. Was nice though!

The chef deftly carves up the fat Peking duck

Slicing first the skin, then the duck meat

Food blogging is serious business ;)

The premium slices of pure, crispy duck skin *salivates*

You also get plates of pure duck meat, and mixed meat+skin

Cucumber slivers, sugar, onion and a dark sauce for the Peking duck pancakes

Shreds of potato, wok-fried with vinegar and chillies. I love this dish,
but Mum, Dad and Chris aren’t big fans of it.

Some sort of chestnut jelly dessert.. which was horrible

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