07 Nov

Another (!) birthday celebration we had was going to the Acrobatic Show, named “Daughters of Guilin”. There was meant to be a beautiful story associated with it.. but unfortunately was told only in Chinese… so all 4 of us missed the story :( Interesting and surprisingly, this particular acrobatic show only had locals – entirely the opposite to the previous Acrobatic Show we attended a few weeks ago, which was almost entirely foreigners. I can’t figure out why it was like that, we booked both using the same company!

The good thing was, this show was totally different from the previous one – different tricks/stunts, and there was more dancing. It was really gorgeous – I just loved their colourful, glittery costumes! We really enjoyed it – it was a fun night :)

Running on the top of each other’s shoulders, like it’s no big deal

Cripes I wouldn’t like being the guy on teh bottom

HOW did they manage to do this?!

Juggling hats

Video of the hat juggling

This girl was dancing, on pointe, on the guy’s shoulder


Video of them juggling

Really pretty acrobatics

That 3rd guy just leapt up there!

Cool acrobatics on ropes

The guys at the top were spinning the guys, with no safety harness!

Gorgeous costumes

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